#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: October 2010

Zeffler Photo Ballet
This photo came from a larger family photo session. The lovebirds had a chance for some photos together and the touch of ballet made it that much sweeter. I always look back at older photos and cringe at some of my editing choices and tendency to push it. But it felt right at the time.


This season is our last doing family photo sessions

IMG_5243Hello fans and friends!

Lady Zeffler here with some news: We have decided to make this fall our last doing family photo sessions.

That’s right: We’re retiring.

It’s been wonderful meeting and working with so many of you terrific people. The support and encouragement we’ve always received has been genuinely life changing. You are all amazing. But it’s time to move on.

We’ll be deleting the Facebook page, but the website will still be active and you can also find Zane over on Instagram.

If you won a photo shoot with us through a charity auction, have a credit with us or we’ve traded services with you – we will definitely still honor these commitments, just email me when you’re ready (any time through 2016).

If you’re interested in a shoot with us this fall you can also email me at burgess@zefflerphoto.com. We have nine spots left.

Again, thank you for making the last few years of this nonsense a genuine delight.


A violinist and a ballerina

After a long weekend cooped up in the house, I felt like a drive to hunt some potential photo shoot locations.

I admit to being less than inspired by brown and light tan houses and municipal parks.

We didn’t have much luck uncovering a magic new location, but we had some fun, burned some gas and learned when my daughter is hungry nothing annoys her more than classic rock radio.

“My tummy is sad,” she said. That’s the cue to head home.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archives: September 2012

Zeffler Photo Arizona Wedding Photographer
So many fun photos from a great wedding of some genuine and sweet people at a beautiful venue. Click here to check out the blog post from Fall 2012 featuring this wedding.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: September 2009

Zeffler Photo
This photo goes back to Fall 2009 with our good friend Shye. Her and her family are no stranger to Zeffler Photo cameras and are always game for a fun photo shoot. I still dig this little house that a neighbor had in their backyard. Perfect prop.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: September 2008

Super villian Zeffler PhotoWhile certainly not a technical marvel of a photo, I enjoyed looking back on this in one of my first attempts at trying to capture a character. And it’s always fun to work with an unmasked (yet still masked) el guapo. The jack of hearts, a classy villian.