A violinist and a ballerina

After a long weekend cooped up in the house, I felt like a drive to hunt some potential photo shoot locations.

I admit to being less than inspired by brown and light tan houses and municipal parks.

We didn’t have much luck uncovering a magic new location, but we had some fun, burned some gas and learned when my daughter is hungry nothing annoys her more than classic rock radio.

“My tummy is sad,” she said. That’s the cue to head home.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archives: September 2012

Zeffler Photo Arizona Wedding Photographer
So many fun photos from a great wedding of some genuine and sweet people at a beautiful venue. Click here to check out the blog post from Fall 2012 featuring this wedding.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: September 2009

Zeffler Photo
This photo goes back to Fall 2009 with our good friend Shye. Her and her family are no stranger to Zeffler Photo cameras and are always game for a fun photo shoot. I still dig this little house that a neighbor had in their backyard. Perfect prop.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: September 2008

Super villian Zeffler PhotoWhile certainly not a technical marvel of a photo, I enjoyed looking back on this in one of my first attempts at trying to capture a character. And it’s always fun to work with an unmasked (yet still masked) el guapo. The jack of hearts, a classy villian.

#TBT from the Zeffler Photo archive: August 2008

Zeffler Photo Testament LiveI haven’t had the opportunity to photograph many concerts, but it’s always fun when I do. Here’s a shot with heavy metal band Testament. They opened for Motorhead, Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath reunited with Ronnie James Dio) and Judas Priest. Yeah, it was loud and awesome.

What’s the value? How to pick your photographer

Zeffler Photo

When you find that right photographer…

It seems everyone (or at least everyone’s hipster aunt) has what you would call a “nice camera” these days.

Which means you have many options available to fulfill your photographic needs.

That’s great!

It also raises some questions. I want to share a few thoughts on the matter as – as sweet as she might be – going straight to your hipster aunt may not always be the best route. Or maybe it is, that’s what we want to figure out.

Full disclosure: I’m not knocking any photographers. There’s room for everybody. I’m not even conniving for your business. I want you to make the best decision for your mind, heart and wallet that results in amazing photos you will love forever and will make your friends envious of how wonderful you and your family look.

The bottom-line is choosing a photographer is not a task to approach lightly.

What to consider in your photographer:

  • Do you love the photographer’s work and imagine what you would look like in one of his/her photos?
  • Does the photographer have a personality and working style you are comfortable with?
  • Is the cost within your budget? Remember, you get what you pay for, and free isn’t always as good as it sounds.

So, how do you figure this out?

  • Trust your friends. If a friend has a good experience it will probably be good for you too. Not just good photos but a good experience working with the photographer from beginning to photo delivery.
  • Talk to the photographer. Share your ideas. Share your concerns. it’s so much more fun to work with a photographer instead of a plumber. They love to talk creativity and love to counsel clients.
  • The proof is in the pudding prints. Do you love the photographer’s work? Did I already ask that? If you are already excited about sharing the photos that haven’t even happened yet, you have probably found your photographer.

Again, this should be a fun experience for you and your family that results in photographs you adore. That’s the value! That’s the value of the right photographer for you.

Zeffler Photo