Meet Zane

Zane Ewton Zeffler PhotoIt started with a journalism student thrust into a black and white film photography class with a manual camera he could barely afford or operate. It’s grown into a passion and pursuit that often drives his wife and children crazy.

Zane Ewton is a photographer. Other stuff too, but for this website he is a photographer.

He also realizes it’s silly to speak in third person and will continue this “about me” with a capital I.

I fell in love with photography early through the pages of wrestling and rock and roll magazines (it’s the colors I tell you. Neon spandex photographs so well). But it was college where I first picked up a camera and then the birth of my son when I dug into a passion for photographing people.

Portraits are my favorite. Colorful portraits where people let their guard down and simply enjoy the moment. Or they slap on some neon spandex and roar like lions.

And now, the basics:

Zeffler Photo resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Please feel free to reach out.

Zane Ewton at or 602.317.4826.

Depending on your social networking preferences, we are also available at Twitter and Instagram.