Bisbee, Arizona [On Location]

A few years ago my family ached to get out of Arizona. Not much was happening for us and we struggled to enjoy what felt like a town where old people go to die.

A tad unfair but it’s how we felt about life in Arizona.

When we changed our attitude it also changed how we interacted with the world around us.

To borrow a famous phrase and mangle it: Don’t ask what Arizona can do for you. Ask what you can do for Arizona.

This changed so much for us. We started to see what’s wonderful about Arizona and started to enjoy opportunities to see more of the state.

A few days ago I visited Bisbee for the first time. Work projects kept me busy for the day but I tasted enough to know I have to go back for more (and take the wife and kids with me).

Below are a few photos – a mix of iPhone and big boy camera – from the day.

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