When a photo is more than a throwback


Each Thursday I jump on the social media bandwagon with a #ThrowbackThursday photo post.

I’m a photographer, it makes sense.

I enjoy going back through the Zeffler Photo archives because it always reminds me of how lucky I’ve been to photograph so many genuine, wonderful people.

IMG_2618This week I stumbled back upon one photo shoot from the summer of 2009. I like to think back then I was working with crayons. I had no idea what I was doing other than I was excited and photography was fun.

This photo shoot with Andrew and Tara was the first time in my creative life I ever saw the image in my head come to life before my eyes and lens. That feels like friggin’ magic.

I had only recently met Andrew (I think through Myspace) and we formed something of a mutual admiration club (He was a tremendous artist) which quickly grew into a friendship. We clicked.

His passion and excitement for creation was painfully inspiring to me. I felt like he saw something in my photography nobody else saw, and he was effusive in his praise at a time where I was not glowing with artistic confidence.

We made plans to collaborate. We made plans to conspire.

When he passed away a few months later, I struggled to believe it.

Andrew came along and hit me like a load of bricks, in the best possible way. I think of him often, not as a co-conspirator or collaborator but as a genuine, intentional, inspiring friend.

Then I run across this photo shoot and smile that I was able to capture a moment of sublime, mad happiness. And I remember to keep chasing those moments, which I suspect Andrew appreciates.


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