A little light bulb moment at the Disney Institute

A Disney Institute Graduate and your photographer.

A Disney Institute Graduate and your photographer.

I had the blatantly fun opportunity to attend the Disney Institute’s workshop on “Disney’s Approach to Creativity & Innovation.”

The one-day session had so much good stuff I can take back to work, home, photography, writing or whatever else I do.

One golden nugget – in a day overflowing with them – made me think of quite a few people I’ve been able to photograph.

“I’m not very creative, just tell me what to do.”

I’m certain you’ve heard someone say that, or have said it yourself. I hear it from just about everybody I photograph – except children. Children are creative. Even if they are not, they don’t care and just go for it.

That’s why you see more honesty in photographs of children.

The workshop provided a great reminder for me that I feel will only help with my photography. That reminder:

  • Eliminate the walls around people who are not viewed or don’t think they are creative. Give them the chance.

I often do that intentionally with people in that I won’t simply jump in and pose them right away. I want to see how they carry themselves naturally, what poses they might fall into on their own and if they are willing to relax a little.

That might make for a few awkward moments and a few photo files that are easily deleted, but it usually opens a person up to try something. And by the end of the photo shoot, the ideas are rolling out like logs down Splash Mountain.

People are creative. They simply don’t get many opportunities to practice their creativity.

It’s my hope/plan that a photo shoot with me is a collaboration, an opportunity to practice creativity and, most of all, fun.

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