Limited Availability October and November 2014

June Mini Shoots Zeffler PhotoIt’s August all up in here!

The wife and I looked at the calendar and realized fall will be here soon. Fall is a fun time in Zeffler Photo Land. Arizona cools down and the photo shoots heat up.

For the record, I’m embarrassed about that last sentence I wrote, but I needed something better than, “We get busy.” Granted, what I got wasn’t much better.

This fall will be busier (hotter?) than usual as our family will be on the road for some time in October and November.

Now, that is peak family photo season, and we’ll be carving four Saturdays out of it. We schedule the majority of photo shoots on Saturday as we are not available on Sunday.

What’s this mean for you?

If you are considering a photo shoot with Zeffler Photo, we would encourage you to book sooner than later. As of this writing (August 6), we have nine spots left in October and November.

Nothing to get sweaty about, but I wanted to share in case you were sitting on the fence.

With that said, we always do our best to accommodate the odd schedule request. You can always ask.

Email to inquiry about availability.

Family photos at Tumbleweed Park, Chandler Arizona

Comments. Like digital high-fives, or something.

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