Zeffler Photo 101: Wedding Photography Rates

Vintage Circus Wedding“You photograph weddings?”

If we had a FAQ, that question would top the list. Followed closely by:

“How much ya charge to photograph a wedding?”

The answers are “Yes!” and “It depends.”

It depends because every wedding, every bride, every groom, every family behind the scenes and every situation is different.

I have two goals when I photograph a wedding. I want to give the newlyweds awesome photos they will love forever. I also want to help make their wedding an amazing day where the only thing they need to worry about is having the best day.

IMG_1194I’m a no drama photographer from start to finish. Mary J. Blige with a camera and a beard.

When I say, “It depends” to the wedding photo rates question, I mean that we tailor a rate based on what the bride wants to document during her day.

Does the bride want the whole day captured? Maybe she wants just the ceremony and a few family photos.

Let’s talk about what you want and set the expectations for the day.

It all depends on what you want for your wedding day.

Email burgess@zefflerphoto.com with your inquiries. Click here to check out some past Zeffler Photo weddings.


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