Lost in Ireland: Dublin

We wanted to celebrate our birthdays and 10th wedding anniversary in a big way. For the first time in 8 years, my wife and I ran away without the kids. We made it all the way to Ireland.

Excuse my indulgence the next few days as I blog about our trip and generally rave about the wonders of Ireland. I’ve never been east of Tennessee (that sounds like the makings of a country song) and that was only for a long weekend in Nashville. This was my first taste of real travel. International even.

We arrived in and spent the first day and a half, as well as the last night, of our trip in Dublin. I have been harassing Burgess for a road trip for years now, and to my surprise the majority of our trip was very much on the road running from castle to cathedral to bed & breakfast in our rented Ford Fiesta.

But that will come in a later post. Our first stop was Dublin.

Trinity College
Trinity College was our first destination in Dublin, and we were both so jet lagged we have no memory of anything we saw there. It also appears I was so out of it I didn’t take many photos. This was one of our few disappointments as it was something we were both excited to see. Lesson: don’t plan anything too exciting while you’re still shaking jet lag.

Trinity College Courtyard (1 of 1)
Trinity College Courtyard (1 of 1)-3
Trinity College Museum Long Room (1 of 1)
Trinity College Museum (1 of 1)
Trinity College Museum Long Room (1 of 1)-2

Dublin Castle/Christchurch Cathedral
We may have had some bland fish and chips for lunch, but it got us through the afternoon and we were able to really enjoy Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral. I even remember being there. I also remember thinking everything would have blown Izzy’s mind. He soaks up museums with a ferocity I’ve never known in a child. He’s probably destined to be a docent some day.

Dublin Streets (1 of 1)-3
Dublin Castle (1 of 1)-8
Dublin Streets (1 of 1)
Dublin Castle (1 of 1)-7
Dublin Castle (1 of 1)-6
Dublin Castle (1 of 1)-5
Dublin Castle (1 of 1)-3
Christchurch Cathedral (1 of 1)

Dublin Writers Museum
Dublin enjoys a literary reputation that is quite large considering the size of the island. The writers celebrated in this little museum – Yeats, Joyce, Wilde to name a few – were not just fiction authors. These were men and women that shaped the fabric of a country, and in many instances were deep in the thick of the revolution. It was here that I learned how much of the culture was built from a desire to stick it to the British. And I love that.

We were not allowed to take any photos in the museum (more on that if you keep reading this) but there was a courtyard in the back that spurred an impromptu photo shoot.

Dublin Writers Museum (1 of 1)-8

I may have snuck photos in places where you were not allowed to take photos. That’s bad. However, I never used flash and I worked hard to be as non-obnoxious as possible. The following are random photos posted to my Instagram while we were in Dublin. I even got all touristy and Instagrammed my food. I’m a little ashamed of that. But that was an awesome sandwich.


On our last night in Dublin we took the advice of the guy at the hotel and had dinner at a pub just a few minutes away – Fagans. It was easily the best meal we had in Ireland and a lovely establishment. The other best meal we had was a couple meat pies from a gas station. No kidding.

More to come…

Other posts from our trip to Ireland.


10 thoughts on “Lost in Ireland: Dublin

  1. What a nice little tease! I have been waiting for your pics from your trip. This was lovely and such great photos. My only complaint is that I don’t understand why you feel you can’t document your food. I love food. Since I can’t go to Ireland, I would really love to see what you got to see and eat there. That is the whole experience! I guess I should just be grateful you broke whatever rule there is. I can’t wait for more.

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