Playing with Film – January 2013

I recently dug out my film camera from college. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to what I am usually doing, so I started taking it for a walk during my lunch breaks in downtown Phoenix. I also hit up the Mesa LDS Temple lights during Christmas. There were also a few surprises on there from a few years ago.

These are straight out of the camera. I don’t make any promises that they are good. Consider it an exercise in patience and a willingness to fail for the cost of a roll of film.

I have a few more rolls around, so I am going to see what I can do from here. A little blurb follows each photo, so I can ruminate on what I did wrong.

It’s my baby not long after she was born. I forgot taking this at least 18 months ago.

This was from the same day as the photo above of my baby. Just a pile of shoes at a playground in Woodruff, Ariz.

Just a shot in the neighborhood on a rainy day. I actually can’t remember if I did this as a double exposure or not.

This is an attempt at a double exposure. You might be able to see the water as the second exposure in the air over the temple. You can also see how it seems like I lean slightly in every photo.

This is a triple exposure of the star above the main nativity scene at the Mesa LDS Temple.

A much more recent shot of my baby.

A double exposure I really want to try again in color. One exposure is a wall of vines and the second is an electric mural in downtown Phoenix.


This is a double exposure I didn’t get right at all. You can slightly see the larger Michael Jackson next to the smaller one.

One last shot of my baby, and the last shot available on the roll.


Comments. Like digital high-fives, or something.

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