Family Photos at the Wright House, Mesa, Arizona

This family was one of the first to take a chance on me as a photographer (see here) and have since come back a few times in various iterations (here, here and here).

They are always fun, always generous and unfailingly kind. Just wonderful people.

I’ve noticed a theme to these posts where I blather on about how nice and wonderful the people I photograph are to me. But they really are. I’m super spoiled.

Shye, the matriarch of this brood, has connections with the Wright House in Mesa and was able to get us some time to roam the grounds and rooms for some photos. I love the family’s balance of formal and informal and how it fit with the Wright House’s vibe.

Not to mention – those are some serious shoes!


One thought on “Family Photos at the Wright House, Mesa, Arizona

  1. Great shots! Very nice Family Photos! Black sure does goes with any color because all their shoes and accessories ROCK! They sure are having a great time. Great Job Zane.

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