Zeffler Photo 101: Hey Pansy! It’s Not Too Hot for Photos

Tafoya Train 007

Summer 2011

I think making photos is much more fun than roaming malls for a few hours of free air conditioning.

It’s possibly more fun than swimming, but I remain noncommittal if it is more fun than an ICEE. A good ICEE is pretty amazing, at least until it starts to melt.

Photos last longer than an ICEE, so I’ll say they are more fun.

Frozen delights aside, it is regrettable the Phoenix summer heat makes photo shooting outside a miserable and uncomfortable experience.

I’m always up for a photo shoot no matter the weather, but it is tough to ask people to brave 115 degrees and the distinct possibility of looking sweaty and red-faced in the photos.


Summer 2009

A few courageous souls have joined me for summer photos in the past and I tend to really like the results. These sweaty summer photos have a special little madness to them. Mad in an approachable way.

I don’t want to coax or deter folks from a summer photo shoot. It’s not for everyone. Maybe you would feel more comfortable in November. You could wear a snazzy sweater.

The point is, it’s all about you. For real. Pick the time and place that best suits you.

But, if you pick a summer shoot you might be my new favorite. Go out for ice cream after. Real ice cream, not that frozen yogurt junk.

Street Corner Band 036

Summer 2010

Papa & Izzy 016

Summer 2010

Crosby Clan 007

Summer 2010


Summer 2009


Summer 2009


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