Birthday Portraits With a Horse in Phoenix, Arizona

There are many good reasons to take photos. I think birthdays may be one of my favorite. Maybe it’s the journalist in me that enjoys documenting a moment in time and being able to tell as story about who a person is and what they were like at one year, 13 years, 78 years or whatever. We are constantly changing, and it’s fun to see the changes. Meghan and her mom Dani contacted me about photos and said, “They only thing we know we want is to have Meghan’s horse in them.”

It’s strange because horses have been on my photography wishlist for awhile now. I must admit to being a bit nervous about them though. Not anymore. Star was the most easy-going animal I have ever encountered. It seems Meghan and Star are growing up together. As a kid who had a big furry dog, I can attest to how great that relationship can be.

Meghan 026
Meghan 008
Meghan 090
Meghan 094
Meghan 173
Meghan 174
Meghan 172
Meghan 212
Meghan 227
Meghan 073
Meghan 040

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