Baum Family Photos in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

These folks are related to these folks (and also seem to be big fans of Black Longboards, possibly owning double digits). There must be something in the family gene pool because every person in the fam is hilarious and a blast to hang around. This family also gets the award for traveling the farthest to have a photo shoot with me. I’m going to pretend they didn’t come to Arizona to spend Christmas with family, it was all for Zeffler Photo.

Baum 005
Baum 022
Baum 030
Baum 047
Baum 115
Baum 134
Baum 166
Baum 179
Baum 184
Baum 261
Baum 263
Baum 265
Baum 287
Baum 334


3 thoughts on “Baum Family Photos in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Thanks so much for taking these photos for us. They turned out awesome. It was a blast taking them! You are such a unique photographer. Defiantly one of a kind! I love the random pics that you take. Every time we come to Arizona to visit family, I’m gonna have to have you take some for me. Quick question, on the black and white photo, right before the kids pics, do you have a shot where you you can see Coops (the one in the back) face a little more? I love that picture…and all the rest of them! 🙂

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