Shooting Artists and Dancers in Arizona

Before my little self-imposed Christmas hiatus from all things electronic, I had some fun opportunities to photograph artists. I’m always inspired by talented people who are going for it. They are doing what they love and work hard at it.

I am jealous of painters. I’ve always wanted to paint. I don’t know if I lack the gumption or the funds. Maybe both. Johnny Dehart is a Southwest artist based in Globe, Arizona. His daughter contacted me to shoot his art so he could use it to submit to galleries and to build his web site. Having grown up in Arizona, I must admit Southwestern art doesn’t thrill me. But Johnny’s work blew me away. The colors are amazing. His subjects are definitely Southwest (cowboys and indians) but his treatment of the subjects felt unique to me. He is also a kind and humble man who is happy to paint on his days off from work. That makes it sound like a hobby, but I don’t think it’s just a hobby when the canvases are bigger than a widescreen television.

Johnny’s web site is under construction. I’ll share the link when it goes live. Good stuff.

Dehart Art 014
Dehart Art 024
Dehart Art 055
Dehart Art 112

I must admit to not understanding dance. But the commitment and attention to detail is astounding. I photographed some of the rehearsals for the winter dance concert at Grand Canyon University. I think dance is similiar to sports photography in that you need to understand the action to be able to anticipate the potential photos. I need to work on that, but I was still happy about a few of the shots I got. I really loved the stage lighting. I wish I had those in my house. Big blue and orange lights. Then my son’s constant singing would have more context.

GCU Dance 3
GCU Dance 2


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