LDS Temple Wedding Photos, Los Angeles, California

I jumped on an airplane in Phoenix, arrived in Burbank and was escorted to Los Angeles in a matter of hours. (Shout out to my driver!) I arrived early to photograph a newly-wedded couple stepping out of the Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There is a fun anticipation waiting for your bride and groom to emerge. It’s not as much fun when you think your couple is coming out and it turns out it is someone else, and their photographer is a cranky old broad who yells at you.

My apologies to any cranky old broad photographers I may have insulted with that remark. Eventually my couple emerged, and away we went. Kim and Jack were fun, funky and danced like we were in a ’80s movie with intense dancing. Photos on the Temple grounds, and even more photos on the way to the reception in Simi Valley.

Later that night I wrote a research paper about Flannery O’Connor that earned an A+. It was a good day.

Jack & Kim Wedding 027
Jack & Kim Wedding 381
Jack & Kim Wedding 397
Jack & Kim Wedding 420
Jack & Kim Wedding 424
Jack & Kim Wedding 438
Jack & Kim Wedding 440
Jack & Kim Wedding 512
Jack & Kim Wedding 535
Jack & Kim Wedding 544
Jack & Kim Wedding 542
Jack & Kim Wedding 549
Jack & Kim Wedding 556
Jack & Kim Wedding 560
Jack & Kim Wedding 573
Jack & Kim Wedding 585
Jack & Kim Wedding 608
Jack & Kim Wedding 618


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