Marone/Bower Photos in Phoenix, Arizona

I must admit to being tentative going into a photo shoot when it’s been a little while since I photographed a family. Even just two weeks between shoots can fill me with a little panic that I have completely forgot everything I’ve ever known about photography. It’s a bit irrational, I’m sure. But within a few minutes of shooting, I always relax. The anxiety goes away and I just have fun makin’ the photos.

That was super easy with this troupe. They were fun and willing to have a good time. I love how most of the photos you get a glimpse of each person’s personality. This is why I am always telling people not to wear matching white t-shirts and jeans. The photos should be about the personalities within your family, and how they mesh together. It’s good stuff.

angel 017
angel 041
Tips of Tongues
angel 053
angel 078
angel 080
angel 102
angel 107
angel 176
angel 149
angel 182
angel 234

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