Black Longboards by Zeffler Photo

I have had awesome opportunities to photograph amazing people. That is my favorite part of this gig – the people. I have also been able to connect with people who committed to creating stuff that is cool, and presenting it to the world with the most pure intentions.

Josh and Kasha – the people behind Black Longboards – fit both categories. I did their family photos a while back, and they invited me to shoot action and product photos for their website.

I love families that want to create something more. I feel like Burgess and I are one of them, and it is reassuring to know we are not alone. Josh is a Phoenix firefighter and Kasha has a more than full-time gig at home with two beautiful little kids. They are busy people, but they put so much of themselves into Black Longboards. Josh custom builds all the longboards with top of the line components, often slaving away all hours of the night obsessed with board curvature and other technical points that are beyond my comprehension.

He makes amazing longboards. In his garage. This is the epitome of local business.

I hope you check out their boards, and the web site. Support excellent people doing excellent work.

This is just a few of the photos. You’ll have to check out or their blog for the rest.

black longboards 2 743
@BlackLongboards : Carving in Tempe, AZ
black longboards 2 173
black longboards 2 121
black longboards 2 038
@BlackLongboards Group Shot

One thought on “Black Longboards by Zeffler Photo

  1. We don’t deserve a photographer and friend like you. You are way too kind and amazing. Your pictures are so good that every day has been like Christmas as we got to open one tag on facebook like a gift. I would yell at Josh to come and see and together we would grin and say “wow”. Pictures like yours can make anything look good even if it is just a longboard. Thanks again. You did awesome. You could be the reason we ever sell a board.

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