5 More Questions with Mrs. Zeffler

Hooray! My foxy wife is back for round two of 5 Questions with Mrs. Zeffler. This thing has momentum now. I asked these questions again. Leave your’s in the comments and maybe she’ll answer them next time.

1. What do you think is the most important factor for a family (mom) to consider when preparing for a photo shoot?
The most important thing for a mom to consider when preparing for a shoot would be the time of day the kids are their happiest. Kids already think it’s boring to stand around for long periods of time and they can get restless. The clothes are important, the hair is important — but none of that matters if he kids aren’t happy!

2. What is your biggest photo pet peeve?
The biggest photo pet peeve I have is matching too closely — No one dresses like that in real life, so it’s completely unnatural and it’s distracting. The pictures become all about the clothes instead of the people. The second biggest pet peeve I have are fake smiles — why do you want the kids to fake smile it up for the photo? Don’t you want to capture their REAL expressions so you can remember these moments and how they were at this stage of their lives? I’d rather look at the photos in 15 years and see the real them, instead of remembering how hard it was to get them to sit and smile that day.

3. What is your favorite thing to see in a photograph?
My favourite thing to see in a photo is people being natural and feeling comfortable. If you’re not up for it, having a bad day, or REALLY self-concious — it definitely shows!

4. You have a free pass to buy whatever you want from any store in the world. Which store do you go to and what do you buy?
I would have to say the travel store and buy an amazing trip. Do those still exist in real life?

5. What was the best rock album of the 1990’s?
Best rock album of the 90s — of course I have to say Nirvana’s Nevermind. After I heard that, I started listening to what I liked, not what was popular.

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