5 Questions With Mrs. Zeffler

Hooray! My foxy wife Burgess is up for a little piece of business that may become a regular feature around here. Of course, whenever I’ve called something a regular feature, it has died a fiery death.

With that said, enjoy 5 Questions with Mrs. Zeffler. Maybe you’ll see some more. Maybe not. She’s mysterious like that. I asked the questions. Leave your’s in the comments and maybe she’ll answer them next time.

1. Who is your favorite photographer? (Besides me)
My favourite photographer beside Zane would be the folks at Blue Lily Photography. They are a husband and wife team that travel around the world taking pictures. I love the colors, I love how they get people to dress perfectly (matching too closely is a serious pet peeve of mine), and their sessions only last 30-45 minutes. Since they’re both taking pictures, they get plenty of shots in that time, and it’s perfect for kids. They also keep it fun and get pictures of real life — but also the posed pictures where eveyone looks perfect. They’re also very generous — they donated a shoot to our auction last year which brought in 1/4 of our funds.

2. What is your favorite word?
My favourite word would be….I don’t know. I like all kinds of words.

3. What would be your perfect day?
My perfect day would be going anywhere I haven’t been before with my 3 favourite people.

4. What question do you most often hear about Zeffler Photo?
The question I hear the most about Zeffler Photo — besides “is that his real name?” would be “Will he tell me where to go, or do I have to come up with a place?” Most clients want to leave all the details to Zane, but he wants people to be more involved in the planning. Most of the time they come up with a nice balance.

5. How do you answer it?
I tell them that, while Zane will be happy to give them suggestions, it would be great if they thought about the feel they want for their shoot and think of different backgrounds they would like.


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