Lee Family Photos in Joseph City, Arizona

I think it is weird and sad that the only time I ever get together with old friends is for a photo shoot. I have a feeling that is just the way it goes with everyone off making babies and starting careers. There is not much time to hang out just for the sake of hanging out.

I guess it’s good that I have the photography to give us a reason to get together. It’s not like many of my friends need a journalist to follow them around for a day. But that does give me an idea with some potential.

I love seeing my friends raising great kids and being stupid with their kids. Stupid in a good way.

Did you know the piano in the Joseph City High School Auditorium used to belong to Liberace? His signature is inside it. I had no idea until we were shooting these photos. It makes me sad that 30 years of punk high school kids have trashed it.

Bo treated that piano like a classic car.

*Almost forgot – I’ve photographed these people before. Right Here!

Lee #2 008
Lee #2 039
Lee #2 051
Lee #2 143
Lee #2 165
Lee #2 181
Lee #2 189
Lee #2 225
Lee #2 239
Lee #2 241
Lee #2 252
Lee #2 309
Lee #2 310
Lee #2 321

7 thoughts on “Lee Family Photos in Joseph City, Arizona

  1. Those are fantastic photos! There is nothing wrong with babies and careers. You make time when you can – the key is making time, since none of us actually have any to start with.

    We borrowed that auditorium for many an event..I can recall three spelling bees and a few band concerts. I went to a couple of graduations too (i.e., yours). For some reason the red seats really stand out in my memory.

    If that piano has been there for 30 years, then Dave played it the time he blew everyone away with an improv solo in 5th or 6th grade. That’s freakin’ awesome! Talk about a piano with character…

  2. Zane,
    That Grand Piano, was used by Liberace at the Phoenix Civic Center for when he was performing in Arizona. The original top was glass so that Liberace could see through the top to the Orchestra he was performing with… usually the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra when he was in Phoenix.
    Mr. Bennett was able to aquire the piano for the auditorium.. He had Liberace sign the piano.. and also a paper… There used to be a framed photo of Mr. Bennett watching Liberace autographing the piano.. it hung in the passage way between the foyers at the front of the auditorium..
    Sadly, I am with you.. 30 years has taken its toll. When I was an auditorium worker, Mr. Bennett made us show respect for that instrument. And use extra care when moving it in and out of the storage room built specifically for that piano.

    And by the way, you did an awesome job capturing some cute kids and their personalities.. GOOD JOB!!

  3. I wonder if that photo still hangs in the hallway? What a piece of history to have, and yet I bet so many people (kids at the high school) don’t know it’s origins. Someone needs to educate them about it, and how to treat it!

  4. I don’t know about all the punk high school kids before me, but every year that I’ve been in high school we’ve treated that piano very well. It looks trashed but it still sounds beautiful. We just need someone rich to refinish it 🙂

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