Nia Photos in Downtown Phoenix, AZ

The influence of Club Dance in Mesa, Ariz. is taking over every little girl in this state. So much so, that Nia and her mom travel from Glendale to Mesa to dance at Club Dance. If that’s not a testimonial of Kelli’s talents, I don’t know what is. This photo shoot keeps bringing the dance girls to Lloyd Zeffler Photo.

I don’t mind, the girls are always fun, have great manners and respect and often know more about photography than I do. At this point you would think I have some kind of deal going with Kelli and Club Dance. I don’t…but that might not be a bad idea.

Scanlon 023
Scanlon 041
Scanlon 039
Scanlon 063
Scanlon 079
Scanlon 083
Scanlon 093
Scanlon 154
Scanlon 207
Scanlon 238
Scanlon 243
Scanlon 257

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