Maggie 1/22/11

She arrives and you forget what life was like without her. You look at your wife and are amazed, impressed and proud of what she is capable of doing. You look at your son and think no little boy could ever be a better big brother than he will.

We’ve got bills. We’ve got drama. But I can say for certain that there are no three people on this earth that I would rather be with. No three people I could love more.

Baby Ewton 055
Baby Ewton 034

5 thoughts on “Maggie 1/22/11

  1. That is one gorgeous little girl. Fantastic pictures. I was waiting to see what you thought and your words brought tears to my eyes. I love her myself and I haven’t even met her.

  2. She is so beautiful Zane you and Burgess make amazingly cute kids. I absolutely love what you said about your amazing family. You are so blessed. Hopefully we get to meet them all one day =) Congratulations proud papa!

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