Punkin Patch

…because it’s more fun to spell pumpkin wrong.

For all you parents out there thinking about family or kids photos, I present these as evidence that you should always feel comfortable telling me your ideas.  We are working together on this, and I need your help.

Ashleigh had the idea to shoot some fall photos of her kids in a pumpkin patch. That’s what we did, even if it wasn’t exactly a fall-like 101 degrees in Phoenix on October 2.

Make sure you shout out your ideas. No idea is a bad idea. If it is a “not good” idea I might gently steer it into a different direction. That’s how this works. Nobody knows your kids like you do, so it’s important for you to be involved in the taking of the photos.

Unless you keep shouting for them to smile from over my shoulder.

Mata Fall Fotos 030
Mata Fall Fotos 027
Mata Fall Fotos 042
Mata Fall Fotos 090
Mata Fall Fotos 121
Mata Fall Fotos 140
Mata Fall Fotos 222
Mata Fall Fotos 231


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