The Lost Dragon vs. “Hot Stuff” Ewton

It’s electric Labor Day wrestling action coming to you from Phoenix, Arizona – the hotbed of elbow-dropping lunacy in the Southwest. Masked wrestling superstar The Lost Dragon battles the ever dapper “Hot Stuff” Ewton in a grudge match for the ages….ages…ages…

The combatants have made their way to the squared circle. The dragon’s entrance is a sight to behold.
kiddos wrestling 005

The bell rings and we are underway.
kiddos wrestling 001

“Hot Stuff” circles his opponent with vengeance on his mind. Their last match ended with a stunning pinning predicament courtesy of the Dragon.
kiddos wrestling 013

“Hot Stuff” makes his move…
kiddos wrestling 014

He’s going for the mask!
kiddos wrestling 015

The mask is a luchador’s lifeblood. If the Dragon loses his mask, he will lose all respect!
kiddos wrestling 016

The Lost Dragon counters with a modified headlock.
kiddos wrestling 018

“Hot Stuff” struggles to escape.
kiddos wrestling 019

The hold is slipping…
kiddos wrestling 020

kiddos wrestling 022

…and we have to break for a commercial! Don’t go away!

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We are back! You never know what can happen on live television. The match torpedoed to a frightful conclusion over the commercial break. We bring you back to the aftermath.
kiddos wrestling 058

And the next two are just for fun.
kiddos wrestling 059
kiddos wrestling 083


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