Zeffler Photo: Grand Relationships in Mesa, Arizona

Sometimes a thought will click and I’ll suddenly realize why I do things a certain way or why I’m interested in one thing over another.

After taking these photos, I was thinking about how much I like photographing two people together. Just two people. This time it’s grandfather and grandson, but it could be any two people. As long as they have a relationship.

I like photographing relationships. I think it’s because I am so bad at them. I’m awkward and don’t always connect with people well. I admire relationships that are easy, comfortable and forgiving. It’s hard to find, but it’s sure worth finding.

It’s cool to see it in photos. I only have a few photos of me as a child with anybody else. i can think of a few with my grandma. And that’s about it. I was probably the same age in those that my son is here. I can’t think of another photo with my grandma until I was 21 – my college graduation.

Now I try to stay out of photos whenever possible. I’ve been in maybe six photos in the last year. I know. It’s weird. I’m a photographer who values the significance of a photograph, but will not appear in any of them.

It’s lame. I’ll regret it. I already do.

Papa & Izzy 016
Papa & Izzy 013
Papa & Izzy 035
Papa & Izzy 051
Papa & Izzy 086
Papa & Izzy 106


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