Zeffler Photo: Motorcycle Prom in Mesa, Arizona

Ideas for this photo shoot began rather modestly and quickly escalated into the absurd. Absurd escalation is always fun, but we brought it back down to earth and focused on one, simple idea. That was probably for the best. The vibe we had on this kind of shoot is something I am always hoping for. Everyone is relaxed, having fun and not too worried about how they look in the camera. It comes across so much better.

And no, it wasn’t for prom.

Enough of my rambling. I really like these photos.

Jimmy Lyda 139
Jimmy Lyda 063
Jimmy Lyda 091
Jimmy Lyda 097
Jimmy Lyda 102
Jimmy Lyda 108
Jimmy Lyda 113
Jimmy Lyda 116
Jimmy Lyda 124
Jimmy Lyda 127
Jimmy Lyda 142
Jimmy Lyda 162
Jimmy Lyda 168
Jimmy Lyda 171


One thought on “Zeffler Photo: Motorcycle Prom in Mesa, Arizona

  1. these are great Zane, i like the one where she is fixing here eyelashes and jimmy is in the background. where did you find that couch? and i think the comment problem you have been having is that it asks you for a comment before you have even seen the post, then asks you for your mothers maiden name and social security number (not really, but still kind of annoying that you cant just comment as anonymous)

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