Zeffler 101: Mothers are Women Too

There are photo shoots when I look at a person and know they are about to bust out with something great. A facial expression or pose that I would be foolish to miss. But it never comes. They keep it bottled. It’s always the mothers that do that.

In most family shoots, I take a little time with each person alone. It is always the mother who is about to let go, but never does. She is a mom. She has to stay in mom mode.

My wife and I were talking about it. Mothers are focused on their children. To take a moment for themselves feels selfish. What would their friends think if they saw her swing into a photo with too much gusto? What would the village elders do? A mother behaving like a woman? What a scandal.

What a load of crap.

Every mother reading this, I want you to share a few ideas with you. To help you relax and to prompt photo shoots with more fun, creativity and personality. I want you to know:

  • You look great.
  • You are at a photo shoot, which means your hair is done and you are wearing great clothes – something you know you look good in.
  • Nobody will think badly of you for posing your little butt off. If they do, they are lousy friends anyway or are jealous of how hot you look.
  • All of your family and friends will love the photos.
  • Don’t worry; we will get plenty of shots of your kids.
  • When you can relax, let go and have fun, the photos will be ten times better.

You are a mom. You are awesome. Don’t be afraid to let everyone see that – especially your kids. You are also a woman. Don’t be afraid to let everyone see that too.


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