Zeffler 101: Locations (Revised)

I don’t like parks. Please don’t ask me to go to a park.

I’m down for about anything else.

Here are a few of my favorite locations from past photo shoots.

(Edited: February 2013)

In the last few months I have ran into more and more locations requiring payment in order to take photos on their grounds. Naturally, the popular wedding facilities are going to charge, but some are a surprise.

Goldfield Ghost Town is a good example of a location who recently started charging photographers. I always make it a point of asking whoever is on hand if it’s okay for us to take some photos, and people are generally cool about it. It helps that I don’t travel with a huge entourage and am pretty light on gear. I’ve seen other photographers take advantage of the generosity of the people on location, and that’s not cool.

Good for Goldfield to make a few bucks off the photographers and families who want to shoot there. They can use the money, and maybe it will keep some of the riff raff away.

You and I, however, are not riff raff. We will abide by the rules and leave the location a better place than what it was when we got there. Like boy scouts.

This is simply a warning that some locations add to the cost of your photo shoot – most locations that do this charge nominal fees and are usually totally worth it.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to think beyond the typical photo shoot locations (so many places in the Valley area are now overrun with families and photographers waiting in line to take a shot next to a chestnut tree or cracked door). Some of my favorite locations have been backyards.

I would also like to extend my previous statement about not shooting in parks. I really don’t want to shoot in parks, and I really don’t want to shoot in front of the LOVE statue at the Scottsdale Civic Center. Sorry if that’s a deal breaker for you. I’m standing by my guns.

Izzy Cal Disney 074
J&K Ostler 169
Morgan Wedding 593
Families 293
Casa Grande 262
Shye 005


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