Zeffler Photo 101: Travel

In my quest to answer my most received questions, here is one I love to answer. Updated August 27, 2013.

Question: Would you travel to me for my photo shoot?
Short Answer: Yes, Please!

Whether you want me to come to your hometown, or you want to meet in some far-flung corner of Arizona (or beyond), I am happy to travel for photo opportunities. I have traveled for just about every kind of photo shoot, so it doesn’t need to be something as big as a wedding to get me rolling down the highway.

There are two caveats however. I will need to charge a travel fee, and I need you to commit. When we make a plan, I need you to stick to it. I’m more than happy to arrange for an unusual traveling situation, but that usually means a tight schedule, so I need your commitment to be on time and ready to go for the photo magic.

With that business aside, some of my favorite sessions have been photographed outside of Phoenix, Ariz. I love when people are excited about their shoots, and are willing to do something out of the ordinary.

Here are a few of my favorite photos I have taken when we traveled to locations beyond Metro Phoenix.

Izzy Cal Disney 084
Families 267
Maggie Reading


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