Zeffler Photo 101

I am realizing I have not done a good job of explaining myself. Throwing some photos up on a web site is not enough. As I define myself as a photographer, I need to drag the rest of you along with me. Here is a little primer:

My name is Zane Ewton. I am a portrait photographer. I love to photograph people. I love to photograph people in interesting locations, with or without props. You might consider it “lifestyle portraits”, but as much real life is involved, I want to inject a hearty dose of make believe as well.

I want my photographs to make “regular” people appear larger than life. Bigger and better than your typical posed family portrait.

I believe the below photos have nailed exactly what I want to do, and can be a launch pad to what I can do in the future. I hope anyone who wants me for their photos is willing to have some fun and invest themselves into the possibilities.

Nothing needs to be typical.

Joey & Talisa
Dia de los Muertos
Casa Grande 249
Families 258
downtownphoenix 552
J&K Ostler 192
Izzy Cal Disney 275


5 thoughts on “Zeffler Photo 101

  1. I love the unique and broad spectrum of your photography. I don’t know all the people you photograph, but the photo’s make me want to get to know them.

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