Zeffler Photo: Old West Family

The last shoot of the November Photo Shoot Tour. What better way to wrap it up than with some awesome friends who absolutely rocked the idea that we discussed. I talk to everyone, a lot, about their photo shoot before it happens. Few ever listen to what I say and then take it this far. I couldn’t imagine them being dressed any better. My only wish is that we had more time to shoot. I would have photographed them for days, instead of the half hour we got.

Prepare for photo overload.

Many, many thanks to the Lees for being so willing to do whatever I say. Even taking months to grow an epic mustache. Now that is commitment to a photo. And hopefully a lesson to anyone who wants to wear jeans and a white t-shirt.Families 258

Families 267
Families 296
Families 299
Families 341
Families 347
Families 380
Families 393
Families 406
Families 422
Families 444

..and this next one, the final photo I took on the photo shoot tour. And off we ride into the sunset.
Families 458


7 thoughts on “Zeffler Photo: Old West Family

  1. Zane Zeffler: I am sure you know you have an artist’s eye and instinct. I am so impressed with the way you use line and texture. These photos of the Infamous Lee Gang are so creative. The infamous Kay showed me some you have done before. I am looking forward to the finished prints.

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