Portrait: Cakes, Curtains & Color

Sometimes all the elements in a shoot come together so seamlessly. A neighbor has the perfect backyard prop. All I have to do is sit back and hope not to screw it up too bad. Shye is ridiculously fun. Her whole family is fun. She makes cakes. Incredible cakes. And I know my way around…or through, a cake.

Shye 248
Shye 288
Shye 165
Shye 159
Shye 114
Shye 105
Shye 061
Shye 049
Shye 020
…and one of Izzy for good measure. As always, he proved to be a handy assistant and emotional coach, of sorts.


3 thoughts on “Portrait: Cakes, Curtains & Color

  1. Fantastic shots. The colour of that little house just makes every single image. The happiness radiated by the girl in the photos puts a big smile on my face. And the last shot? Had me laugh out loud in the office (whoops). Thank you for sharing these gems.

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