Help send Mr. Izz to Washington, win a photo shoot

Kids be fundraising, am I right?

We’re back to school and this time we’ve got a kid in junior high! That kid also has the great opportunity to visit Washington D.C. with his class next year in 8th grade.

We’re excited about that and want to get a head start on getting him there, and hopefully even helping out a classmate.

So, we’re raffling a photo shoot.*

You can be entered into the raffle for $3 per ticket or $5 for two tickets. Payments will need to be accepted by August 31. We’ll draw a winner on September 1.

One hundred percent of all funds raised will help send the boy and a classmate to D.C.

Simply email to purchase tickets. You can pay via Venmo (@zefflerphoto) or Paypal.

*This contest is for Arizona folks. The winning photo shoot will need to be scheduled for Fall 2018, pretty much anywhere in Arizona.

Fairy tale fashion at one

I almost feel like a fashion photographer when one article of clothing can inspire a photo shoot. This wonderful vintage green cape is a bit of a family heirloom lent to us when we had our first girl.

Well, that girl grew out of it before we had the chance to dress her in it (weird how that can happen with babies).

However, for this little sweetheart – much like the baby bear’s chair – it fit just right.

To commemorate one year of orbit around the sun, we present our wee lass, ready for her own fairy tale adventures.

Family photos in downtown Chandler

If you’ve followed Zeffler Photo for any length of time, you’ve seen this family and have likely got a kick out of their fun kids. I love the shoots when the kids are into it and have a ton of ideas they keep kicking at me.

Are they perfectly posed with pristine JC Penney photo lab smiles? Not so much.

They’re much better than that!

These are just a few of my favorites from the shoot.

In progress: a photo wish list

IMG_5243This is a quick update to my ongoing wish list of stuff I’d like to photograph and/or film. Some will likely be easy to make happen, others might need a little magic.

Photographing people is my favorite, so just assume that any of these will be connected to people.

  • Artists in action (painters, sculptors, carpenters, etc.)
  • Boxing
  • Dancing
  • Pro wrestling
  • Human statues
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Offbeat road trips
  • Snow
  • Sumo
  • Album cover
  • Circus/Sideshow
  • Elderly cosplay
  • David Bowie

Some end of 2017 favorites

It’s 2018 now, but that doesn’t mean I’m quite done with 2017. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the last few weeks of photo shoots leading up to the holiday madness.

Hope you all have a wonderful new year…and may we get to work together in the near future.

Fun with a cheap ring light

I recently snagged a cheapo ring light to mess around with. After knocking out the serious family photos during the Thanksgiving holiday, I had my girls and their girl cousins pose for a few shots before we lost all the light.

Just a bunch of bright, sweet and funny girls who will take over the world soon.